Kristen Cauble-Morse

Cauble Stones Locations History

  • 2021 Charleston, South Carolina, USA
  • 2013 – 2017 Virginia, USA
  • 2009 Naples, Italy
  • 2008 Viera, Florida
  • 2002/2003 Cauble Stones Avenue, a shop in Old Town Ellicott City, Maryland
  • 2002 moved to Baltimore, Maryland.
  • 1999 started in Fayetteville, North Carolina.


Observing to Get New Ideas

Kristen is constantly coming up with new ideas, really looking at flowers, observing the colors, the lines, and their personality.  She also spends time admiring architectural elements in buildings, landscaping designs, and our natural environments.

Recycled roofing slates from old houses, recycled old windows with so much architectural character, table tops, large scale walls, canvas, watercolor paper, drawing paper, a sketch pad, even receipts left in her purse to doodle on. What ever it takes to create and portray a piece of work.  To capture an idea, put it on paper, and then transform it to a collective piece of Art.  It’s really all just about being a “true Artist.” Having the joys of a care free, and creative lifestyle, enabling her to spend her time doing what she loves and spending time with her family.

2009 – 2014 Journey

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the number of moments that take your breath away.”

Bella Napoli, Italia! How I love you. You have inspired me in so many ways. You have taught me to relax ‘Piano, Piano,’ daily. Being grateful for the little things. Taking simple mornings with a Caffé on the terrace, looking out over your beautiful country with sounds of the ocean, and the views of the Islands of Ischia and Procida. I listen to the Italians having their conversations during their daily routines, with kindness, Smiles, and gestures. The Grape vines, and fresh produce being maintained daily, with extra care, creating the perfect garden. Italian dishes full of rich simple flavors, creating masterpieces of Italian cuisine that implore you to savor every little bite. The fabulous vino, made to perfection, grown in the hillsides of volcanic soil. Italian days with fast crazy driving, afternoon lunches, followed with complete quietness through out the town called “Ripozo”. I have fallen in LOVE with you Napoli, and I will be forever so grateful. You are my Home, away from Home. You have changed my way of life. Loving the little moments of simplicity. Molto Grazie.”



Working in a Field of Sunflowers

Living in Napoli

I have been living in Napoli, Italy since March 2009, and loving absolutely every minute of it!! I have been busy traveling as much as I can, seeing Italy for everything she can give me! I spend most my days creating works of Art with either paints or clay, or sharing the LOVE of Art with fellow Americans who are here in Napoli, Italia. The Love of Art surrounds my mind and hands daily.

Studying Under Davide Carnevale

For the last three years, every Thursday in Pozzuoli, I have been studying under Davide Carnevale, Italian Raku Ceramic Artist. Davide has taught me the language, the Italian Culture, and the passion for exploring my ideas of the sea. With sculptures mimicking the movement of water, sound and air. Pushing my creative ideas beyond any limits of perfection, creating sculptures with my hands and soul. It’s truly exciting! I always look forward to my days at the ‘Studio’.

The Process of Raku

In the Studio, I have been trained with using the process of Raku to complete my fascinating works of Art. The Raku process is unpredictable, never really knowing what the end result in colors and cracks of smoke will give me to complete my sculpture. However, I am always amazed at the final piece! It’s always a mystery! My emphasis with Raku is purely experimentation and creative. I will take this technique and continue for many years to come.

Excursions Around Italy

Painting in Napoli has been a new adventure in my creative process. Looking for a picture perfect painting while on my excursions all around Italy, and Europe. Taking hundreds and thousands of pictures, hoping to capture the most interesting scenery that represents the town I am traveling through. Often concentrating on all the components of my day. Creating a collection of paintings of the Italy I have fallen in Love with, is currently my mission. Embracing the pictures and excitement of the location, then returning to the ‘Painting Studio’ to compose on canvas. Reminiscing the conversations in Italian, and grasping the feelings I encounter while looking for the complimentary landscape. Seems so effortless, but it’s been challenging.

It Takes Months

Some of the paintings have only taken a few months, where others have taken over a year to complete. Venice in February, I feel, was my most advantageous so far! Visiting Venice on a very cold winter day, ‘Valentines Day’, was a  moment in my life that was demanding to compose onto canvas. The painting took me over a year to complete, going back and forth changing the colors, and the movement of the cold water. Finally, the day was captured successfully.

My thinking… I have all the TIME in the World; there is no reason I have to rush. So I often jump between paintings, and sculptures. Having a glass of vino, painting outside in the fresh air, listening to my Italian neighbors, and enjoying the sensational moments Italy gives me daily.


Over these past years, spending my time in Europe, I have collected a generous amount of inspiration for many years to come! My days traveling have all affected me some how or another. Writing about it in the present, I find difficult, because soon it will become my past, I will head back to the United  States of America in June of 2013, with big plans to open a working and teaching ‘Studio’. Continuing to paint Italy, and other beloved countries through out Europe. Having a STUDIO to teach the LOVE of Art and of course continuing to explore the appreciation of Raku.

Until then, “Arrivederci, buona giornata.”

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